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Website Strategy Blueprint

Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Machine with a Proven Strategy

Don’t waste money on a website design that won’t drive results, and will need to be redesigned in a few years. Start with a proven strategy for building the most effective website possible — fully tailored to your budget with a Website Strategy Blueprint.

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Website Strategy Blueprint

Your Website’s Success Starts with Strategy

Maybe your website isn’t getting the right kind of traffic, or you might not be seeing the conversions you want. In any case, your website simply isn’t performing and you don’t know why. Sound familiar?

Oftentimes, businesses are simply too close to their current design and structure to see the bigger picture. 

Through hands-on brainstorming sessions with our website experts, your team will go through an intensive, data-driven process to develop your custom Website Strategy Blueprint; the key to ultimately designing and developing a game-changing website. 

“I absolutely recommend other businesses use the Website Blueprint because the process gives you a clear understanding of your future website design and structure.

We had many internal meetings, brainstorms, and planning sessions with the explicit purpose to determine the future website design and structure, but we couldn’t get there without IMPACT and the Website Blueprint process.


John Wiedenheft, GreatAmerica Financial Services

Feel 100% Confident That Your New Website Will Deliver the Results You Want

By investing in the Website Blueprint process, you will guarantee that your website is not only beautiful, it will also deliver you the real bottom-line results you’re looking for.

The blueprint process allows your team to get 100% aligned on the high-level strategy of your website goals, structure, and design direction before diving into any execution. 

You can expect to go through a 5-week collaborative effort of critical thinking and planning between our team of experts and yours.

It’s intense, but the results will lead to a smooth design and development process without surprises or delays.


Understand What Your Website Really Needs

Through 5 meetings, over the course of 5 weeks, you will work an IMPACT Website Strategist to dive into what your business really needs.

You'll walk away with:

  • A value proposition map to aid in your website content writing 
  • A proposed sitemap structure
  • High-level page strategy outlining the suggested structure for each page type
  • Fully designed homepage mockup
  • An estimate of the cost and timeline to have your website built by IMPACT

Start Your Website Strategy Blueprint

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Rapid Results from a Website Strategy Blueprint

Rapid Pace, Rapid Results

The website strategy blueprint process is purposefully fast to ensure your business is able to have a new website that drives revenue as soon as possible. 

To ensure you get the most out of your website strategy blueprint and see the best results, we ask that you commit to:

  • Completing the website strategy blueprint questionnaire, all required readings, and videos prior to our brainstorm meeting.
  • Being responsive and able to dedicate time between meetings for review and feedback. 
  • Include all necessary decision-makers in our meetings.
  • Designate one main point of contact responsible for consolidating your team's feedback and providing approval. 
  • Reprioritize schedules to allow for five (5) meetings during a five-week time frame.

Start Your Website Strategy Blueprint

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Is a Website Blueprint right for you?

The service is best suited for businesses that want a personalized website design experience that is driven by strategy.  

You might not be a great fit if:

  • Your budget for a complete website redesign is less than $25,000
  • You have specific, smaller projects in mind
  • You are looking to migrate your website
  • Your entire team (sales, marketing, and leadership) are unwilling to take part in the process.

How Much Does a Website Blueprint from IMPACT Cost?

The Website Blueprint is a one-time fee of $7,500, with no requirement to continue on to the design and development stage.

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