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Website Blueprint

Your Website Should Be Your #1 Salesperson. Is It?

Don’t settle for a website redesign that’s simply a “prettier” version of your existing site. Instead, invest in a website that will generate leads and drive the sales your business needs with the IMPACT Website Blueprint.

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The Basics

What is a Website Blueprint?


An IMPACT Website Blueprint is the strategy behind your website. Our strategic website experts will work closely with your in-house team during hands-on brainstorming sessions to develop your Website Blueprint over the course of three weeks. It’s an intense, data-driven process, but the results are priceless.

What Your Website Blueprint Will Include

Every Website Blueprint we craft for our clients is tailored to their specific needs and unique goals. However, every Website Blueprint from IMPACT includes:

Additional deliverables may include on-page SEO strategy, user flow recommendations, smart content strategy, etc.


From an IMPACT Website Blueprint Client

“We hired IMPACT because we were too close to our current website design and structure. It was difficult for us to step back and see the bigger picture of how a new website could look and function differently. With the Website Blueprint process, IMPACT can come in, ask the right questions, and point us in a direction that we couldn’t see. 

I absolutely recommend other businesses use the Website Blueprint because the process gives you a clear understanding of your future website design and structure. We had many internal meetings, brainstorms, and planning sessions with the explicit purpose to determine the future website design and structure, but we couldn’t ‘get there’ without IMPACT and the Website Blueprint process.”


John Wiedenheft, GreatAmerica Financial Services


Meet the Website Blueprint Team

How Much Does a Website Blueprint from IMPACT Cost?

An IMPACT Website Blueprint is priced at $7,500, with no recurring fees. Please note, however, this process does not include the actual design and build of your website.

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