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Video Drives Revenue & Production Cannot Be a Barrier to Your Success

By 2022, 80% of content consumed worldwide will be video. Our dedicated video production team has worked with hundreds of companies around the world to produce high-quality, sales-generating videos, and we’re ready to help you.

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“Do We Really Need Video Production Support?”

If you’re asking why you need this service then we need to be radically candid with you; you aren’t asking the right question. The question you should be asking is, “How much it will negatively cost our organization not to invest in video?” We say this because, time and again, video has proven to be one of the most powerful growth drivers for businesses.

We Have your Video Production covered

Types of Videos We Produce

We have the capabilities, resources, equipment, and — most importantly — the experience to handle virtually every facet of video production. From strategy and creative direction, to on-location direction and editing services, we can do it all. We’ve produced revenue-generating sales and marketing videos for companies across a wide range of B2B and B2C industries. While what follows is by no means a complete list, here are some of the types of videos we can help you create.
Product & Service Overviews
Event Promotion & Recaps
Employee Biographies
Careers & Company Culture
Buyer Education
Customer Journey & Testimonials
Aerial Footage
Company "Claims We Make"
Pricing & Cost Overviews
Employee & Client Onboarding

Don’t see your video type listed here? Talk to us about your custom project!

How the Video Production Process Works at IMPACT

Pre-Production & Production

Prior to your video shoot, we will consult with you on the strategy of your video(s), including creative direction, scripting, logistics, scheduling, budgeting, equipment, locations, casting, and more. During production, we will be on-site to produce and direct the shoot, and we will work closely with you to capture the needed footage to make your video a success.

Pre-Production and production service offerings:

  • Creative & Strategy
  • Script & Copy Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Crew & Staffing
  • Equipment Rental if applicable
  • Permits and release forms
  • Shot Lists
  • Creative Direction
  • Producing and Directing
  • Production Design, Art Direction
  • Special Effects
  • On Set VFX Supervision
  • Audio
  • Teleprompter
  • Cinematography
  • Lighting and Grip

Video Editing & Post-Production

Following your shoot, we will edit the captured video to create final cuts (based on your feedback) that are ready for your immediate use. All final videos can be delivered to you in whatever dimensions or file types you may require. Additionally, we have cloud storage and external hard drive delivery options available for your final video files.

Post Production services include: 

  • Offline Editing
  • Online Editing
  • Audio Mixing
  • Audio Mastering
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • Custom Music Composing
  • Sound Effects and Foley
  • Voice Over Mixing & Mastering
  • Color Correction & Grading
  • 2-D & 3-D Motion Graphics
  • 2-D & 3-D Animations
  • 3-D Modeling & Rendering
  • Visual Effects
  • Compositing
  • Titles and Credits
  • GIFs & Cinemagraphs

Please note that IMPACT does not provide video production services during this workshop, and we do not bring any video equipment. Following your workshop, you will have two 30-minute follow-up consultation calls within 30 days of the workshop.


Videos We’ve Produced for Clients


Meet Your IMPACT Video Team

How Much Does Video Editing & Production with IMPACT Cost?

Given the highly-customized nature of video production services, the cost of your project can vary greatly based on several factors, including (but not limited to) the number of videos you need produced, the complexity of your shoot, travel requirements, staffing needs, technical specifications for post-production, and more.

With that said, we've put together four packages that meet the most common needs we've found. Each package includes video coaching, on-site production with an IMPACT Certified Production Partner, editing, and motion graphics.

3 Video Package: $11,000

6 Video Package: $16,000

9 Video Package: $24,500

12 Video Package: $30,000


IMPACT trainer travel: By default, a video trainer will not be present during your production day. However, if you’d one to be on-site, a flat rate of $5,000 per day (which includes standard domestic travel) can be added to your package.

Delivery and access to your project: Videos are available for review via an online video review tool. At the conclusion of your project, final deliverables are available for download via cloud storage. Ownership and Rights to all raw footage are transferred to you. 

If you would like your raw footage to be delivered, and raw footage exceeds 100gbs, a separate fee for an external hard drive will be added to your project.

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