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Eliminate the Learning Curve for In-houseVideoMarketingStrategy

By 2022, 80% of internet traffic is expected to be video consumption. Now is the time to become a media company that creates unbiased, trust-building video content for your buyers that makes it easier for them to make a purchasing decision. With IMPACT's help, you can do this better than anyone in your industry.

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Video is a Win for Both Sales & Marketing

Video is powerful. It will build trust and captivate your audience more than any other type of content. Not only that, the strategic use of video during your sales process will compel people to take action and shorten your sales cycle.

Consumers prefer to educate themselves with unbiased video content instead of written content, and they will abandon one company for another if a competitor makes it easier for them to educate themselves — often through video.

Rather than allocating a large budget for only a few outsourced, surface-level videos from a video production company, you need to embrace a culture of video. However, we also know how steep the video sales and marketing learning curve can be, and what it takes to truly embrace a culture of video. Don’t worry, we can help.


The Most Common Challenges We Hear With Video Marketing

What You Can Expect

Each week, your team will meet with their dedicated IMPACT trainer for 30 minutes. We will guide you through a customized curriculum (with weekly homework assignments) that covers topics including:
Video Sales & Marketing Strategy
Scripting & Planning Processes
Video Production Best Practices
Using Video in the Sales Process
On-Camera Performance Techniques
Developing a YouTube Strategy
Video Hosting & Technology
SEO Best Practices for Videos

Your video trainer will also review up to three videos per week to provide feedback.

How Much Does Video Sales & Marketing Training Cost?

Video Sales and Marketing Training is only available when paired with Digital Sales and Marketing Coaching.


24+ Month Program
$6,500/mo per month for

  • A dedicated Digital Sales & Marketing Coach
  • 1 Subject Matter Expert Training Sessions / Week
  • 60 Days of IMPACT+ Pro Free***
  • Company Alignment Workshop** 


18 Month Program
$8,500/mo per month for

  • A dedicated Digital Sales & Marketing Coach
  • 2 Subject Matter Expert Training Sessions / Week
  • 60 Days of IMPACT+ Pro Free***
  • Company Alignment Workshop**


12 Month Program
$12,500/mo per month for

  • A dedicated Digital Sales & Marketing Coach
  • 4 Subject Matter Expert Training Sessions / Week
  • 60 Days of IMPACT+ Pro Free***
  • Company Alignment Workshop**

* Contracts may be cancelled at any time according to our current cancellation terms
** Can be a 5-6 hour single session or divided into three (3) 2-hour sessions in the first month
*** Access for up to 10 users

The Experts In Your Corner

Meet Your IMPACT Video Trainers

What Our Video Clients Have to Say

"IMPACT has been monumental in developing our organizational video strategy both in the sales and marketing process."


Cristian Shirilla, Marketing Manager

“IMPACT will help coach you on your journey to kick-ass video. You just gotta decide to get in the game.”


Devon McCarty, Senior Videographer

“It has been a treat learning from (IMPACT) over the last couple months. (They have) helped our company understand video content for marketing and how to make your future videos even better!”

s-5 roofing

Curtis Ward, S-5! Metal Roof Innovations

A Few of Our Favorite Videos

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