Video Coaching and Consulting

You’re Producing Videos for Your Business. You Should Be Seeing Results. You’re Not.

You need someone to teach you the strategies and best practices that will transform your video marketing initiative from a dud into a massive source of revenue for your company.

Don’t worry. IMPACT’s world-class video marketing trainers can help with hands-on coaching and consulting.

Video Problems We Can Help You Solve

What’s Included

We don’t think of ourselves as an outside consultant.
We become part of your team, where we only win if you win. Here’s how we do it.
Zach Basner Video Coaching & Consulting
Zach Basner Video Coaching & Consulting

1) A deep-dive analysis of your video marketing goals, as well as a comprehensive audit of your current video content and how it’s performing.

2) Weekly video consulting and strategy sessions, as well as around-the-clock availability of your coach to answer questions, review video content, and talk shop.

3) Training on the timeless communication concepts, techniques, and best practices that will make you successful today and 10 years from now.

The Benefits of IMPACT Video Coaching

Engaging with IMPACT for video marketing coaching is an investment in your success, so it’s a lot of hard work.
But your commitment will pay off.

After one year of working with us:

“IMPACT will help coach you on your journey to kick-ass video. You just gotta decide to get in the game.”


Devon McCarty

A Few of Our Favorite Videos

We love helping our clients shine!

Meet Your IMPACT Video Team

Zach Basner
Zach Basner, Director of Video Training & Strategy
As the lead video marketing trainer at IMPACT, Zach will not only teach you how to create video content on your own, he’ll help you develop professional video production strategies and techniques.
The Entire IMPACT Family
We have a full team of passionate video specialists, content experts, and strategists ready to help you create content and pair it with the best strategy to achieve your goals with video marketing.

How Much Will Coaching Cost?

While a variety of factors will influence the pricing of your video marketing coaching and consulting partnership with IMPACT, typically, you can expect to invest about $2,500 per month.

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