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Technical SEO Audit

“How Can We Improve Our Company’s Search Performance Right Now?”

How your website ranks and performs in search is dependent on a number of factors, and the rules are always changing. Unlock the action plan to skyrocket your website’s performance with our Technical SEO Audit, in partnership with Narrative SEO.

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Technical SEO Audit

Every Technical SEO Audit Includes a Comprehensive Review of the Following:

Website’s SSL certificate
Google Analytics account setup
Domain in Google Search Console
Page speed and site load time
Current .xml sitemap
Robots.txt file and ajax/code files
Copy formulas for meta descriptions
Standard and semantic keywords
Title and h1 tags with keywords
Schema and Rich Snippets

Meet Your Technical SEO Expert:

Franco Valentino of Narrative SEO

IMPACT's Preferred Technical SEO Partner

Franco of Narrative SEO is our technical SEO strategic partner, author, and speaker. He is the developer of the Website Ecosystem Model®, a framework that optimizes website to improve their performance in speed, security, and traffic. Over the past 24 years, Franco has helped companies like AT&T, IBM, and SMBs increase conversions by supercharging their websites' DNA.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Technical SEO Audit is priced at $3,500. The audit will be completed through our strategic partnership with Narrative SEO, and you will have a one-hour consultation call to review the findings of your audit. Additionally, IMPACT can help you implement lightweight fixes and updates, per the audit’s recommendation.

For more detailed pricing based on the needs of your project, schedule a time to talk.

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