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Omni-channel Ad Management

Increase Ad Conversions with Seamless Cross-Platform Campaigns

Maximize your exposure across a prospect's entire digital journey with an omni-channel ad strategy customized to hit your most aggressive goals.

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Omnichannel Ad Campaigns

Everything You Need to Drive Conversions with Omni-Channel Campaigns

To create a truly effective cross-channel experience for your customers, it takes time and dedication. Often, businesses don't have the internal team needed to manage multiple platforms or large budgets on their own.

IMPACT’s team of paid media experts will work with you to maximize results with our omni-channel ads management service. From crafting a paid media strategy specific to your business to breaking down campaign data for strategic insights, we've got you covered.

We'll tackle the copywriting, ad designs, and account management so you and your team can stay focused on other marketing efforts.

"Ali's dedication to our not only our paid accounts but also our brand strategy is something I'd never witnessed before - she truly cares about our success. Jason's tenacity and expertise on search had our ROAS higher than I have ever seen in any search account. Their dedication to our brand has helped us navigate the difficult COVID-19 waters with not only high performance but a reassurance that was so needed."

Lindsey Sullivan, Head of Brand Marketing, Taft Clothing


An Omni-Channel Strategy Tailored to Your Needs

Through an in-depth audit of your accounts and current digital ecosystem, we’ll work with you to identify the best ways paid media and omni-channel efforts can help hit your business goals. 

Our team will work with you to develop a customized strategy that's tailor-made for your specific needs.

  • You will receive weekly reports so you always know how your accounts are performing.
  • In bi-weekly meetings, we will discuss key learnings from your campaigns, what to focus on next, and how to adapt your strategy and budget for future initiatives.

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Leverage The Exact Platforms Needed, When You Need Them

Our omni-channel approach allows you to add or remove the ad platforms that are best suited for your business needs. IMPACT most commonly works with (but not limited to) the following platforms:

  • Google
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft (Formerly Bing)
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Amazon
  • AdRoll
  • Criteo 

Get Started with Omni-Channel Ads Management

Omnichannel Ad Management

Total Management of Your Omni-Channel Campaigns

When you start your omni-channel program, you'll gain a dedicated team of paid media experts that will do the heavy lifting for you.

With our omni-channel service you can expect:

  • Collaborative goal setting & planning
  • Daily management of all ad platforms
  • Landing page conversion rate optimization strategy
  • Full design of ad assets
  • A customized ad spend tracker
  • A customized Trello board for ad collaborations and approvals
  • Weekly and monthly reporting
  • Quarterly reviews, goal setting, and planning discussions

Get Started with Omni-channel Ads Management

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Your Paid Media Team:

Oh Yes, We’re Certified
Our team also has Google certified specializations in Search, Display, Mobile, and Shopping.

Is Omni-channel Ads Management Right For You?

If you’re looking to have all of your business’ ad platforms managed under one roof, this is the service for you.  You may have tried running ads yourself or worked with an agency in the past, and haven’t seen the results you were looking for.

You might not be a great fit if:

  • Your ad spend across all platforms is less than $10,000.
  • You’re not prepared to produce assets such as images, videos, etc. in a timely manner.
  • Your business has never run ads before.
  • You are expecting paid ads to be a quick, immediate win.

How Much Does Omni-channel Advertising Cost?

We have two fee structures depending on your combined ad spend across all platforms.

Combined ad spend from $10,000 up to $100,000 per month

Base management fee: $5,000 per month

Performance fee: 15% of ad spend up to $29k | 12% of ad spend from $30k-$64k | 10% of ad spend from $65k-$99k 


Combined ad spend is $100,000+ per month

Base management fee: $7,000 per month

Performance fee: The performance fee for ad spend over $100,000 is based on several factors and the complexities of your account. These fees will be agreed upon before our work commences.


“Wait, what’s a performance fee?”

A performance fee is essentially retroactive billing based on your actual ad spend per month.

Let’s say you have an ad budget of $100,000 per month and you decide to pull back on one campaign. In the end, you may have only spent $75,000.

Rather than billing you for the time and resources it would have taken to manage your $100,000 campaign, we will adjust the performance fee for what you actually spent and thus the effort our team put in.

This safeguards you against unnecessarily spending too much and safeguards us against potentially not being compensated for the effort we put in.

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