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The #1 Problem for Marketers with Inbound Is Not Strategy or Content.
It’s Buy-in.

When you say, “I wear too many hats,” you have a buy-in problem. When you say, “My sales team doesn’t get it,” you have a buy-in problem. But you’re not alone. Businesses around the world struggle with this every day.

That’s why Marcus Sheridan created this workshop. To empower marketers and marketing leaders like you to help your organization catch the vision of inbound and the power of content.

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Meet Rob Novak
Executive Vice President of Segue Technologies

He Was Just Like You.

Before inbound, their business was almost exclusively referral-based through networking and word-of-mouth. Although Segue had been taking a little time to try and bolster their website traffic through blogging, they weren’t seeing the results they had hoped for.

Then, Rob saw Marcus Sheridan speak on the power of inbound marketing, and had him come in for an inbound buy-in on-site training with his whole team.

After the training, Segue made it mandatory that every employee in the company contribute to the inbound marketing strategy. Each employee was tasked with writing at least one blog per quarter for a total of four blogs per year.

“It was during Marcus’ presentation that I had kind of a ‘lightbulb’ moment. We’d had a website up for over ten years, and I couldn’t believe we hadn’t been doing this. It’s crazy because it’s so simple. The connection of answering peoples’ questions is such a simple concept. But executing it was something that we had just never done before.”

It was that inbound buy-in training that set them up for long-term success.

“When we first started doing inbound marketing, we were getting around 1,000 visits to the website each month. Last month we had 85,000. And when we started tracking all of the revenue that we could directly be attributed from inbound, it came out to $8,053,442.31.”

We’re happy we were able to help you find success with inbound, Rob!

Is an Inbound Culture Workshop Right for You?

You’re a good fit for an inbound culture workshop if:

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Zach Basner Inbound Trainer

What You Get with Our Inbound Culture Workshop

A deep-dive analysis of your current marketing data, processes, and goals to ensure your workshop is tailored to your needs and objectives; 

An on-site one- or two-day workshop with your team at your office, facilitated by world-renowned speaker and author, Zachary Basner; and

Email access to Zachary for 30 days following your workshop.

Zach Basner Inbound Trainer
Zach Basner Speaking
Zach Basner Speaking

Meet Zachary Basner, Your Workshop Facilitator

As Director of Inbound Training and Video Strategy, Zachary Basner helps organizations create a culture of inbound across sales, marketing and service teams. Over the past few years, while focusing heavily on video training and consulting, Zachary has also worked closely with Marcus Sheridan to become an expert on the They Ask, You Answer methodology.

Zachary is an experienced trainer, facilitator, speaker, and is extremely adept at communicating the vision necessary for everyone to coalesce around a core content marketing mission.


How Much Will Your Workshop Cost?

The Inbound Culture Workshop is $10,000 with a flat travel fee add-on.




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