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The #1 Reason Why Marketing Strategies Fail Is Lack of Buy-In from Sales & Leadership

Our transformative inbound culture workshop is designed to establish alignment and excitement across all of your teams for the direction you need to take with your digital sales and marketing.

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Your company employs smart people who are bought into the vision of what you are trying to achieve and are a great culture fit. Yet, something is still missing that ties your marketing, sales, and leadership together to help you achieve your revenue goals as one team.

Marketing is spinning its wheels creating content they think will work, but the sales team doesn’t find much of it useful for closing deals with prospects. All the while, your prospects are having one messaging experience on your website, and then a completely different one when they finally speak to someone in sales.

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It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve helped hundreds of companies in your exact position come together to eliminate these problems and achieve astounding revenue growth — and it all began with our inbound culture workshop.
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Following a pre-workshop consultation call with IMPACT’s lead trainer and your dedicated senior consultant, your inbound culture workshop will be facilitated on-site at your business location the lead trainer. It will include a three-hour morning session with leadership, sales, marketing, and subject matter experts, as well as a one- to two-hour debrief with your leadership team in the afternoon. 

Throughout the workshop you will:

  • Gain an understanding of how buyers have changed, and what that means for sales and marketing going forward.
  • Have an in-depth discussion on the top content topics (known as “The Big 5”) proven to drive traffic, leads, and sales.
  • Understand the “what, how, and why” of becoming the best teachers in the world in your space and the impact that will have.
  • Attain complete alignment of your core digital strategy going forward between sales, marketing, and leadership, so as to eliminate future resistance. 

Following a three-hour session with your sales, marketing, leadership, and subject matter experts, your trainer will meet with your leadership team and marketing leaders to nail down immediate steps your business will take to start improving your sales metrics.

After your workshop, your senior consultant will facilitate a follow-up call to check-in on how you’re progressing with the action plan you created at the end of your workshop, so as to continue the momentum from the workshop and help you clear any obstacles you may experience.

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How Much Will Your Workshop Cost?

The Inbound Culture Workshop is $10,000 with a flat travel fee add-on.


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