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Get on the Path to Sales and Marketing Success. Fast.

Without a Long-term Commitment.

The Fast Start Program is a 4-week program designed to help companies assess and implement what you need to do to achieve your most aggressive revenue goals rapidly, on any budget.


"The Fast Start Program was just what we needed. Chris [Marr] coached us through the crucible of that process with plenty of listening and soliciting feedback from all team members. The unity and clarity that brought to our entire company is priceless."

Glen Kendall, CEO of Concourse Hosting

Concourse Hosting

What Can You Expect from the Fast Start Program?

Get Results Faster with a They Ask, You Answer 12-Month Plan

Whether you're launching or re-launching They Ask, You Answer, your dedicated coach will build a 12-month action plan, broken down by quarter, with recommendations on how to best get started and reduce the time to results and return-on-investment. 

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Tackle Current Challenges and Learn How to Future-proof Your Business - With No Long Term Commitment

Through four 45-minute calls, your dedicated coach will help you develop a long-term digital sales and marketing program based on your company's current challenges and business goals. You'll get to know what working with IMPACT is like, while getting the help you need, without a long-term contract.

Personalized Audits you can include in your Fast Start Program.

Every Fast Start Program comes with an analysis of your business and where you need to improve. If you feel there’s a specific of your business that needs a closer look we can add a comprehensive audit to your program as needed to uncover critical items that can be implemented immediately to dramatically improve your campaigns, conversion rates, rankings

Your consultant will help you identify the area of your business that would benefit the most from an in-depth audit: HubSpot, Website Design, SEO, Content Strategy, or Paid Media. 

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Is The Fast Start Program Right for You?

This program is best suited to companies that are looking to change their trajectory quickly to achieve their goals utilizing our time-test, proven framework, They Ask, You Answer. It’s perfect for those that have struggled with inbound marketing and want to implement a methodology that guides them through exactly what they can do to drive results. 

You might not be a great fit if you’re not familiar with They Ask, You Answer and aren’t looking to create content that will educate your buyers and shorten the sales cycle. If you’re looking to have a project executed, or have the marketing done for you for the foreseeable future - the Fast Start Program isn’t for you. 

Your Coaching Team:

How Much Does it Cost?

The 4-week Fast Start Program is a one-time cost of $4,000, with the option for additional audits at $1,000 per audit.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need help immediately. Will I have to wait four weeks to start implementing solutions with the Fast Start Program?

What is the payment structure for the Fast Start Program?

Fast track your digital sales and marketing success.

Fill out the form to schedule time with our team. You’ll have the option to book time right away or wait for us to reach out. On your 30-minute call, you’ll go over exactly what the Fast Start Program could look like for your business. Talk soon!