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Digital Sales and Marketing Coaching

Achieve Incredible Results with a Proven Digital Sales & Marketing Framework

Your team is working hard but, you’re not seeing the results you want and you’re frustrated. Get outside strategic perspective and coaching proven to grow businesses through a time-tested framework, in any economic climate.

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You’re Tired of Guessing What Your Sales & Marketing Teams Need to Be Doing to Succeed

Every business has its own set of unique challenges they need to overcome — productivity, marketing, sales, strategy, you name it. Attempting to demystify where your own digital sales and marketing is breaking down can be stressful. 

You can feel demoralized when no matter what you do, your traffic, leads, and sales aren't growing how you planned.

You Don’t Need More False Starts; You Need an Experienced Coach in Your Corner, Invested in Your Success

Pro athletes — even the legendary ones, like Michael Jordan — rely upon scores of coaches, trainers, and professionals to help them become peak performers, identifying blind spots and opportunities for growth. They know that they would not be able to achieve their greatest potential as athletes without this level of outside expertise and guidance.

This is exactly how our Digital Sales and Marketing Coaches work with your company. We're your personal coaches helping you every step of the way to zero-in on new opportunities and improve your company’s performance, growth potential and results.

How IMPACT’s Digital Sales & Marketing Coaching Works

Following a comprehensive “scorecard” assessment of your company’s current digital sales and marketing activities and priorities — based on the revolutionary, time-tested framework — your IMPACT coach will work with you to uncover and clearly define the areas of your business that, with strategic changes and pivots, can most dramatically improve the results you’re seeing for your company.


Your Digital Sales & Marketing Strategic Plan

Based on your scorecard results, you will work with your coach to understand exactly where your company currently is and identify the specific things you’re looking to achieve within the next one to three years. This helps to ensure your entire team is aligned with your company direction, and what needs to get done to get you there.

Your documented, one-page strategic plan will:

  • Give you an easy-to-understand, at-a-glance view of your company’s new digital sales and marketing strategy, so you will always know what you’re working toward and how you will get there, without any confusion.
  • Easily adapt and evolve along with your ever-changing needs, goals, and challenges. Your coach will always be there with you to make sure you are always making the right pivots, as conditions change.
  • You'll also receive an in-depth execution plan of how you will reach your quarterly and annual goals; this will include documented areas in which IMPACT (and our strategic partners) can help.

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A dedicated Strategic Coach

A Dedicated Strategic Coach

We pair you with an expert coach who will guide you through uncovering the specific areas of your business that can yield the best results. Using our scorecard tool, you work together to map out the shortest pathway to success, without wasting time on the activities that don’t matter.

Your relationship with your coach will include:

  • Two 45-minute meetings per month facilitated by your coach with representatives from your leadership, sales, and marketing teams. This is an open invitation to various members of your team, predetermined by your coach, based on your current challenges and objectives. 
  • Expert facilitated quarterly reviews and planning sessions to keep you on track.
  • Direct access to your personal coach via Basecamp

Get Started With A Coach Today

Need a little more? We’ve got you covered.

Some companies want to go faster, or have immediate needs alongside their Digital Sales and Marketing Coaching - the below are some of the most common add-ons.

Bi-weekly Content Training

Bi-weekly Content Training

With Content Training, you will be guided in executing the concepts from our proven methodology for your business. An expert trainer will ensure you prioritize and maximize your resources to see an immediate lift in traffic, leads, and sales.

  • You’ll have access to a content or video trainer, who will follow a customized curriculum to ensure you focus on the right things first and execute your content flawlessly. 
  • Two 30-minute content training calls per month
  • Review of content (number of pieces will be dependent on the number of content-specific training calls per month )

Learn more about Content Training

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Your Coaching Team:

Is Digital Sales and Marketing Coaching right for you?

This program is best suited to companies that are looking to make dramatic improvements to their digital sales and marketing results and are in a growth mindset.

You're probably not a fit if you're currently happy with the results you're seeing from your current sales and marketing strategy, you don’t want to include the sales team directly in your overarching strategy, or learn how to create the remarkable results without the help of an agency in the long term.

How Much Does a Digital Sales and Marketing
Coaching Package Cost?



24+ Month Program
$6,500/mo per month for

  • A dedicated Digital Sales & Marketing Coach
  • 1 Subject Matter Expert Training Sessions / Week
  • 60 Days of IMPACT+ Pro Free***
  • Company Alignment Workshop** 


18 Month Program
$8,500/mo per month for

  • A dedicated Digital Sales & Marketing Coach
  • 2 Subject Matter Expert Training Sessions / Week
  • 60 Days of IMPACT+ Pro Free***
  • Company Alignment Workshop**


12 Month Program
$12,500/mo per month for

  • A dedicated Digital Sales & Marketing Coach
  • 4 Subject Matter Expert Training Sessions / Week
  • 60 Days of IMPACT+ Pro Free***
  • Company Alignment Workshop**

* Contracts may be cancelled at any time according to our current cancellation terms
** Can be a 5-6 hour single session or divided into three (3) 2-hour sessions in the first month
*** Access for up to 10 users

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