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Is Your Company’s Marketing Strategy Still Partying Like It’s 1999?

Getting Started with Digital Marketing
Getting Started with Digital Marketing
"We miss so many opportunities because buyers don't even know we exist"
"We tried to get going with an agency before, but they were more clueless than me."
"We're spending money on marketing but we have no idea if it's working."
"Someone please show me a better way to get more sales opportunities."
"Our website is a joke."
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Meet Jack Moore
CEO of West Roofing Systems

He was just like you.

His team at West Roofing Systems saw the lead generation potential of digital content marketing, so they launched a blog. Unfortunately, no matter how much effort they put into their blog, they still weren’t seeing the results they wanted. They weren’t converting visitors into leads, and they were only seeing a little over 500 visitors a month.

Jack knew something needed to change, so he called IMPACT. Over the course of a year, we worked closely with Jack and his team to develop and implement a completely new content-driven digital marketing strategy.

The results of their commitment to working with IMPACT and hard work were dramatic:


Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in Website Conversions

“We love IMPACT! They’ve completely transformed our strategy and how we create content.”

And we love working with you, Jack!

Be Like Jack & Market Like It’s 2018 with IMPACT

Getting Found-1
Finally Get Found Online

Create the high-ranking content your prospects are searching for, and turn them into buyers and super fans

Target Buyers-1
Target Your Ideal Buyers

Put your brand in front of your ideal buyers at the right time with the right message.

Educate Prospects-1
Educate & Impress Prospects

Wow your prospects at any stage in the sales process with educational content that also persuades.

Do More Faster with Automation

Leverage the latest tools to streamline your strategy and make tedious busy work disappear.

And so much more.

What You Can Expect from IMPACT’s
Digital Marketing Services

Take the First Steps Toward

A Reliable Sales Pipeline, Always Full of Opportunities
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly how many leads would land in your lap every month, and it would be enough for your sales team to crush their targets? Yes, it would And with IMPACT, that doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.
Constantly Being Light Years Ahead of Your Competitors
While your competitors are out there pestering prospects and blowing opportunities, you’ll be cleaning up. And when the digital environment inevitably shifts, we’ll make sure you’re ready, while your competitors are left behind in the dust.
More Educated Buyers, Quicker Sales, Better Customers
Buyers today want to do all of their research before they talk to sales. Take advantage of it. We can help you educate your prospects, so you’ll not only shorten your sales cycle, you’ll attract happier, more well-informed customers.
Being Less Stressed About... Well, Everything!
Imagine your business has predictable revenue, more educated buyers, marketing activities you know are guaranteed to work, and a team of experts on your side. Sounds great, right? We can make that happen.

Need a Little Direction? That’s What We’re Here for!

Here’s how IMPACT can help you get started with digital marketing.
Create the Right Digital Strategy

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all digital marketing approach. Through comprehensive analysis and industry research, we’ll create the strategy that’s right for your business.

Publish Game-Changing Content

Content will fuel your digital marketing, but creating the best content takes time and effort. When you work with IMPACT, we make creating results-generating content a cinch.

Implement the Best Tools & Tech

Your digital marketing will only be as effective as the tools you use. We only leverage the very best programs, platforms, and technology, so you’ll always be 10 steps ahead of the competition.

Expand Your Capabilities

For the less than the cost of an annual marketing salary, you’ll have a diverse team of high-level strategists, niche specialists, and digital experts on your side.

Proactive, Performance-Based Advice & Insights

You’ll never have to ask what’s next. In addition to 24/7 reporting access, we’ll always be monitoring your performance for opportunities and issues, and providing actionable advice.

Level-Up Your Team with Hands-on Training

We don’t just develop and execute strategies. We proactively train your team, so you know the tactics, tips, and tools you need to be successful with digital marketing.

Get Started with IMPACT in 3 Steps

Who You’ll Work with at IMPACT

How We’ve Helped Businesses Like Yours Get Results. Fast.

In Their First 90 Days, FourV Increased Leads by 450% & Generated 7 Deals in Their Sales Pipeline
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Meet Adam Aghion
Director of Channel Sales & Alliance at FourV

They Needed a Fresh Digital Strategy, But Didn’t Have the Time or In-House Talent to Make It Happen.

FourV’s website wasn’t attracting any new leads for their product, GreySpark, a cyber security business intelligence platform. They didn’t have the strategy or the conversion architecture they needed, and their team didn’t have the time or expertise to achieve their goals -- to increase their pool of sales-ready leads, revamp their messaging strategy, and expand brand awareness.

Then, FourV called IMPACT. We worked with their team to develop a robust lead generation strategy that included aggressive short-, mid-, and long-term goals, as well as a set of staggered strategic activities to achieve them.

Within their first 90 days, FourV saw a 450% increase in leads.

“I am continually impressed with IMPACT's attention to detail, the ease of doing business with them, and the level of trust we've established."

Adam Aghion, FourV

Ready to Achieve Similar Results with IMPACT?

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With a New Inbound Strategy from IMPACT, ADS Increased Revenue by 272% & Monthly Sales by 200%
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Meet Stephen O’Connor
Director of Digital Marketing at Advanced Data Systems

They Knew Their Traditional Marketing Approach Wasn’t Going to Cut It Anymore.

Having spent thousands of dollars on PPC advertising, print advertising, trade shows, cold calls, and paid lists, they found that the costs were starting to outweigh the results. They wanted to transition to a new digital inbound marketing strategy, and through their research, they found that not only would it help lower their existing marketing costs, but it would also push brand awareness and elevate sales.

That’s when ADS called IMPACT. First, we built a fresh, fully-optimized website for ADS. Then, we optimized their blog and worked together to develop and implement an aggressive content strategy.

Not only did ADS double their sales, but also:


increase in organic traffic


increase in revenue

"Thanks to IMPACT’s hard work, we’re now considered industry thought leaders, and we’ve doubled our sales."

Stephen O’Connor, ADS

Ready to Achieve Similar Results with IMPACT?

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“We love IMPACT. Their team has been instrumental to our company’s success. Thanks to their hard work, we’re now considered industry thought leaders, and we’ve doubled our sales.”

Advanced Data Systems

Stephen O’Connor, Director of Digital Marketing, ADS

Why Should You Choose IMPACT?

Worked with Hundreds of Companies Just Like Yours

We’ve Worked with Hundreds of Companies Just Like Yours

We do our best work with growth-oriented businesses that have aggressive goals and small (1 to 5 person), committed marketing teams.

Worked with Hundreds of Companies Just Like Yours

We Were Named HubSpot’s 2017 Partner of the Year

Since 2011, we’ve worked tirelessly to get great results for our clients, and our recognition in 2017 from HubSpot is only the beginning.

IMPACT Is Nationally Recognized As a Great Place to Work

IMPACT Is Nationally Recognized As a Great Place to Work & Our People Agree

At IMPACT, we not only attract the best talent, we retain it. That means you’ll always have motivated, peak performers working hard for you.

IMPACT Is Nationally Recognized As a Great Place to Work

Ready for Next Steps? Let’s Talk.

If you’re interested in learning more about how IMPACT can help you get started with digital marketing, let's talk.