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Eliminate the Learning Curve of Content Production & See Immediate Results

You understand the impact of creating content that answers the most burning questions of your potential buyers to drive real sales results. But you could use some guidance to make sure you’re doing it right and staying on top of best practices. We can help.

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So, What does content training look like?

The Jarring Impact of Poor Content

Content Consulting

Everyone on your team is excited; they’re convinced content marketing is the right move, and they’re ready to be active contributors. But when the content you create doesn't deliver the results promised, it will have your team questioning the validity of content marketing and pushing back on their responsibility to contribute. When that happens, you'll be back at square one.

We’ve seen this exact scenario play out at companies around the world, over the past few years. And that’s why we created our content consulting program -- to help you understand and execute the concepts discussed in They Ask, You Answer for your business, so you can see an immediate lift in sales.

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Content Problems We Solve

Uncertainty in Getting Started

Learn how to design a definitive editorial calendar, starting with the content that will produce the greatest results.

Onboarding Your Content Manager

We’ll teach you how to train your new content managers and transform your fantastic writers into marketers.

Content Marketing Skills

Understand all of the best practices you need to know about voice, tone, style, SEO, copywriting, and more.

Maximize the ROI of Content

We’ll train you to know instinctively how to get the biggest return on investment with your content marketing efforts.

What Good Content Looks Like

Learn how to clearly identify what is and is not a good piece of content once it’s written, and how to fix it when it’s not.

Leveling-Up Your Website Copy

Understand how to apply the principles you learn about tone, voice, style, SEO, and copywriting to the rest of your website.

Immediate Results for Sales

Great content will help your sales teams close more deals. Learn how to identify the content that will help them right now.

Master Critical SEO Principles

We’ll teach you the SEO best practices you need to make sure your high-quality content gets found by the right buyers online.

How IMPACT Content Training Works

Each week, the person directly responsible for managing content on your team will meet with their dedicated IMPACT trainer for 30 minutes. We will guide you through a customized curriculum (with weekly homework assignments) to ensure you focus on the right things first and execute They Ask, You Answer concepts flawlessly.

Your Curriculum Will Include (But Is Not Limited To)...

Your trainer will modify the topics of your weekly meetings based on your team and business, the maturity of your content marketing program, and your immediate needs.

What Our Digital Sales & Marketing Clients Say

Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies

"We can attribute $3 million in revenue in a single quarter to thanks to our content marketing strategy and execution.

Martha Brown CEO, La-Z-Boy Southeast

La-Z-Boy Southeast
Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies

“We’re now talking…over 100,000 leads a year. Our revenues are now up to $117 million with better margins too.”

Steve Sheinkopf CEO, Yale Appliance

Yale Appliance
Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies

"Within a year, our organic traffic had a 350% increase. In 2 years, we recorded our highest month of traffic at over 23,000, a 1,050% increase."

Kendall Guinn CMO, Aquila

Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies

We can attribute about $100,000 in just initial the last 12 months. When you consider the lifetime value of a customer, that’s over half a million dollars so far."

Kevin Ellison VP of Marketing, AIS

Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies

“In the 18 months since starting, our sales revenues are up almost $20 million In 12 months, our monthly organic traffic also increased from 1,100 visits to nearly 20,000.

Adam Mazzella VP of Sales, Mazella

Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies

"Our organic site traffic use to be around 7,000 sessions/year. After working with IMPACT it jumped to over 50,000 in the first year and over 300,000 in the second year."

Ryan Litwiller Marketing Director, Retrofoam

Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies

“In the first 24 months, our organic lead generation has led to job bids valued at over $14 million, which we'd otherwise never had the opportunity to bid on."

Jack Moore CEO, West Roofing

West Roofing
Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies

“Since starting with IMPACT, we’re up to 14,000 visitors and 150 marketing qualified leads each month, and we generated over $1 million in revenue in 2019.

Cody Turner Digital Content Specialist, Office Interiors

Office Interiors
Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies

"We have about 3500 contacts that are actively engaged with us on a monthly basis. We went from an unidentified sales pipeline to $5,000,000 at this point.”

Rick LaGore CEO, Intek

Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies

“In the past 2 years, we’ve had 145% increase in traffic. We used to get about 180 leads per week. Now we’re up to 350. From a revenue standpoint, we’ve seen a $5 million turn around in profit.”

Kurt Bahler CEO, FBi Buildings

FBi Buildings

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Meet Our Content Training Team

How Much Does a Content Training Engagement Cost?

Content Training is only available when paired with Digital Sales and Marketing Coaching.
The package starts at $5,000 per month, which includes two (2) calls per month with a dedicated IMPACT coach, and four (4) calls per month with your content trainer.
For the best results, we recommend a minimum of a 6-month program.
The Content Training Package starts at $5,000/mo,
plus $99/month/user for IMPACT+ Pro memberships (2 users required)

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