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Is Your Brand Messaging Falling Short?

Branding Messaging
Branding Messaging
"We don't know how to prove we're different & better than our competitors."
"We have no idea what our value proposition should be."
"We have different types of buyers who all want different thing's from us!"
"What we offer is great, but our buyers don't know it."

If This Sounds Like You, You’re Not Alone. A Lot of Companies Struggle with Their Messaging.

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Meet Ra Monne "Ray" Pérez-Pearson
Director of Global Marketing at LION

He Was Just Like You.

LION (founded in 1898) acquired two different brands -- Bullex and HAAGEN -- in 2012. Since that time, both had been separately managed and positioned publicly from their parent company, but they knew that needed to change. The brand strategies deployed across the LION enterprise were not as effective as they could be, so the decision was made to undergo a rebrand, which would involve publicly merging the three brands together under the LION mantle.

To do this effectively, they knew they would need to redesign their website and rewrite all of the copy. But before they could do that, they needed a new brand messaging strategy that would unify all three brands with consistent messaging and value propositions.

That’s when LION called IMPACT. Before we began work on their new website, we took Ray’s team at LION through our intensive, two-day brand messaging workshop.

The resulting messaging strategy seamlessly integrated all three brands under a single, front-facing value propositions, clearly identified their differentiators, and provided a messaging playbook for each of their buyer personas. Moreover, their messaging work set the stage to develop a clear and consistent voice and tone for their brand.

Not only did this make writing the 200+ pages worth of website copywriting required a breeze, it also ensured that any marketing collateral they wrote in future -- with or without help from us -- would be on message.

"IMPACT is filled with visionary, spirited leaders who continually push to deliver experiences that exceed business goals and delight consumers."

And we're so glad you think so!

We’ve helped dozens of brands like Ray’s develop show-stopping brand messaging strategies through our proven process, which includes an intense, interactive, and immensely rewarding two-day workshop with your team.

How Our Brand Messaging Process Works

STEP 1: Research & Validate Your Ideal Buyer Personas
In order to craft a messaging strategy that resonates with your ideal buyers, we’ll first perform a comprehensive analysis of any existing buyer personas you may have. Then, through research, we’ll validate and improve them, as necessary.
STEP 2: Establish Buyer Decision-Making Styles
There are four different personality types, and each has a distinct decision-making style. Once we understand who your buyer personas are, we’ll work with you to identify which type of decision-maker each of your personas really is.
STEP 3: Determine Messaging Strategy Style
With the needs, goals, and decision-making styles of your buyers in mind, we’ll evaluate your market fit through industry analysis. Then, we’ll determine the right messaging style for your brand, so you stand out from your competitors and win over prospects.
Step 4: Build Messaging Maps & Value Propositions
Finally, we’ll build out detailed messaging maps and value propositions for each of your personas, for every stage of the buyer’s journey. It will be your roadmap of how to adapt your messaging depending on context, urgency, and buyer stage.

What Happens Next?

With your brand messaging strategy playbook in-hand, there’s a lot you can do. Here are a few of the ways IMPACT can help you get results from your new messaging strategy.

Smart Content

Use smart content on your website to create personalized experiences for visitors, based on where they are in the buyer’s journey and their values.

Email Campaigns

Craft persona-specific email campaigns and lead-nurturing workflows with better, more targeted copy that increases open and click-through rates.


Create blog articles, videos, and other types of inbound content that build trust by speaking more directly to the needs, pain points, and goals of your ideal buyers

Getting Found-1

Whether they pickup a physical brochure at a conference or visit your website -- your messaging will be consistent across all channels, online and off.

Sales Scripts

Update your sales scripts with better, consistent messaging that will make it more likely for a buyer to choose you over your competitors during the sales process.

 sales conversation follow-ups

Get your sales team on the same page with email templates that leverage your new messaging, which will increase their success during sales conversation follow-ups


Build and/or update your sales presentations and proposals with positioning and messaging that all of your sales reps can use to close more deals with the right buyers.

Put your customers first

Your customers have higher expectations than they used to. In fact, 60% of consumers have stopped doing business with a brand due to a poor customer service experience (Microsoft). Provide your customers with exceptional service by updating your scripts and email templates with messaging that puts the values and needs of your customers first.


Happy customers can help you grow your business. They’ll buy more and create business opportunities through referrals. By arming your service reps with the right messaging, they can take advantage of upsell opportunities and make it more likely that your customers will refer your services and products to peers, over those of your competitors.

“If you’re not causing people to raise eyebrows in your industry, I don’t think you’re going to make it big time. Not today.”

Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan
Author & Keynote Speaker, IMPACT

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Why Should You Choose IMPACT?

We’ve Worked with Hundreds of Companies Just Like Yours

We’ve Worked with Hundreds of Companies Just Like Yours

We do our best work with growth-oriented businesses that have aggressive goals and small (1 to 5 person), committed marketing teams.

We’ve Worked with Hundreds of Companies Just Like Yours
We Were Named HubSpot’s 2017 Inbound Agency Partner of the Year
We Were Named HubSpot’s 2017 Inbound Agency Partner of the Year

We Were Named HubSpot’s 2017 Inbound Agency Partner of the Year

Since 2011, we’ve worked tirelessly to get great results for our clients, and our recognition in 2017 from HubSpot is only the beginning.


IMPACT Is Nationally Recognized As a Great Place to Work & Our People Agree

IMPACT Is Nationally Recognized As a Great Place to Work & Our People Agree

At IMPACT, we not only attract the best talent, we retain it. That means you’ll always have motivated, peak performers working hard for you.

IMPACT Is Nationally Recognized As a Great Place to Work & Our People Agree

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